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Miss Shawna
8 October
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I'm just a normal chick, I don't try to play it off like I'm different from anyone else. I may have more life experience than a few, but I also have less than a lot of other people. I've been told that I'm "un-fucking-predictable" I dispute this throughly. I can almost always be found online Sunday night through Tuesday night, feel free to message me. The other nights of the week are iffy. I add people to my friends list whom I find interesting, this doesn't mean you automatically have to add me back for fear of making me feel rejected. I can take it, I promise. If you add me, I'll probably check you out, size you up and add you if I think you're not obnoxious. Don't feel bad if I do think that, because I'm really fucking obnoxious. If you *really* want to know more about me, go to my site. It's great, I promise.

Hi I will now tell you all about wonderful me with a few short sentences, emo style.

I drink way too much.

I'm rude.

I'm vulgar.

Most of my posts that are worth reading are friends only.

I enjoy glitter.

I've had live journal since way back, I'm cooler than you because of this.

I love my friends.

I am the butt of the longest running internet joke ever, cock. 2 YEARS 2 FUCKING YEARS. Pretty soon I'll be hearing All your cock are belong to us. Kill me now.

I'm quiet in person.

I love my mom.. and yours.

People make fun of the way I laugh, but it's cool, because there aint a fool in the house who doesn't laugh when I do. Laughter is key my man. IT'S KEY.

And finally, I have an unhealthy obsession with Mr. Anselmo.

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